Luxury & Lime - Advanced Application Course

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'Capture The Moment' 
"Capture The Moment"


Lime Concrete

'Let Yourself Go' 
"Let Yourself Go"


Grassello Lucido

'Intrigue And Passion' 
"Intrigue And Passion"

'Timeless Reflections' 
"Timeless Reflections"

'Charm Is For Few' 
"Charm Is For Few"

'Reflects Your Vanity' 
"Reflects Your Vanity"


Seta Metallic

'Like A Caress' 
"Like A Caress"


Marmorino Matt 600

'It Takes You, It Conquers You' 
"It Takes U, It Conquers U"



'Warmth And Personality' 
"Warmth And Personality"

'Feel At Home' 
"Feel At Home"

'A Lively Breakfast' 
"A Lively Breakfast"

'Dinner Glimmer' 
"Dinner Glimmer"

'The Best Place To Be Myself' 
"The Best Place To Be Myself"


Liberty Classico 800

'All Your Liberty' 
"All Your Liberty"


Travertino Romano Powder

'Natural Beauty' 
"Natural Beauty"


Marmorino Floor

'Free Style On the Floor' 
"Free Style On the Floor"

'Your Essence' 
"Your Essence"

'Dynamism To Your Floor' 
"Dynamism To Your Floor"


Metallic Sands

'Caress Of Light' 
"Caress Of Light"


Velatura Minerale

'Encausto Effect' 
"Encausto Effect"

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