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Marmorino - Antico "300"

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Marmorino Carrara Antique 300

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Description of product

Marmorino Carrara  Antico 300 is a "Grassello Paste" with selected coloured marble powders (300 microns), for a prestigious satin or semi-shiny Venetian Marmorino finishing effect.

Application Field

This is an extra fine product for prestigious interior decoration, due to it’s particular reflections which can be admired in the satin/semi-shiny finishing.

Product characteristics

MARMORINO ANTICO "300" is one of the best products for prestigious interior finishings and permits to obtain the classical Marmorino effect in only one product reducing its consumption. The colour shades can be personalized by using the colour scheme of the Tintometric system Luxury&Lime. The accurate mixture of selected micro-marble produces a stucco in paste, ready to use, which permits a vast range of application methods able to satisfy the most sophisticated decorating requests.The tradition of lime, produced with an advance technology, projects Bericalce towards the Environment Care and Green Division market. The natural raw materials, accurately selected, give MARMORINO ANTICO "300" a very high ecologic value: the dispersion of humidity avoids the growth of moulds and bacteriums, without using chemical additives. Non-flammable and low odour.

Technical data


Marmorino Antico "300"


"Dolomitic" Lime Putty (Grassello) minimum 12 month aged
Marble powders, titanium dioxide and additives for less than 4%


Dense paste


Natural White


Ready to use (if needed a dilution in water 0-5%)

Quantity per layer

approx. 1,8 - 2,2 m2/Kg



Vapour permeability

SD ~ 0,045 m (DIN 52 615)

Water absorption

w ~ 0,35 Kg / (m2 h0,5) (EN 1062-3:2001)

VOC class

5 g/l, wall paint and subcategory “L” max.value UE2010 30g/l

Specific weight

1,65 Kg/l


7,5 - 25 Kg buckets


Keep in dry place with temperture min.5° - 30°C max.


Protect the surfaces from rain in the first 24 - 48 hours from application

Instructions for use

• Prepare the base with a specific Primer, Isolante Acrilico or levelling base like Isolante Ancorante Berico
• Application with stainless steel trowel
• Base must be clean and dry, any unsubstantial parts, traces of oil or grease must be removed; plaster any irregularity of the base
• Application of 2 or more coatings. After spreading, the grade of brightness will be refined with spatola and/or special clothes. We suggest to apply the second layer after 4 hours to permit the first layer to dry correctly
• It’s important that the product be of the correct consistence and dilution according to the temperature and absorption of the surface
• Temperature of application: 5° to 35°C
• All lime-based products have a normal drying time according to the thickness but, the real hardness is obtained through carbonation which occurs on contact with the air.
This process could last many months.


The present technical chart has been written by Bericalce’s experts and the indicated technical and scientific information have been tested in our own workshop.
Any responsability regarding the results are due only to the method and conditions used during application of the product.
These indications are a valid support for testing the quality of the product in each specific case.


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