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Decoratives Lime Plaster Finishes Gallery

Punto Calce 

Wash Lime Paint - Punto Calce

Velatura Minerale

Mineral Veilings

Velo Calce

Lime decorative veilings

Grassello Lucido

Venetian Polished Plaster

Grassello Lucido "Sale&Pepe"

Venetian Stucco - Grassello Lucido SP

Grassello Puntinato Verde/Rosso
Venetian Stucco - Grassello Puntinato Rosso Verde

Murano Silver

Murano Silver - Decorative Lime Plaster Finishing

Murano Gold

Murano Gold - Decorative Lime Plaster Finishing

Murano Bronze

Murano Bronz - Decorative Lime Plaster Finishing

Marmorino Antico 300

Antique Marble plaster finishing

Marmorino Antico 300 Breccia/Corallo/Dorato/Space

Marmorino Breccia - Marble Plaster Finishing

Marmorino Classico 500

Classic Marble Plaster Finishing

Marmorino Matt 600

Matt 600 Marble Plaster Finishing

Marmorino Matt 600 "Madreperla"

Nacre Marble Plaster

Calce Barocco

Calce Barocco - Plaster Finishing

Liberty Classico 800 

Lyberti - Decorative Lime Plaster Finishing

Intonachino Grosso 1200

Coarse Lime Plaster

Intonachino Classico 700

Classic Lime Plaster Finishing

Intonachino Fine 400

Fine Lime Plaster 400

Marmorino Powder 700

Marble Powder 700

Travertino Romano Powder

Travertino Romano Powder




Dilavato - Lime Plaster Finishing

Lime concrete

Lime Concrete

Marmorino Floor

Marmorino Floor

Intonachino Floor

Intonachino Floor

Metallic Sands

Metallic Sands

Seta Metallic

Seta Metallic





Spatolato Veneziano "High Gloss"

Spatolato Veneziano Finish

Spatolato Veneziano Matt

Spatolato Encausto



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