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"Marmorino Antico 300" is a fine decorative mixture composed of slaked-lime paste and selected marble powders (300 microns) for indoor use. 
It ranks among the best products with a satin/semi-gloss effect, typical of the Venetian Marmorino’s. 
The material naturalness gives to the "Marmorino Antico 300" a “friendly green” feature of absolute healthiness that make it compatible with the bio-architecture and environmental sustainability.

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Bericalce produces decorative products in lime paste and powder of excellent quality, particularly appreciated in the architectonic restoration field. All our products are composed of very fine micro-filtered grassello (lime). The best Italian tradition in the filed of mural finishing is represented by products like Shiny Grassello, Venetian Plaster, Marmorino and Intonachino.  
New fine finishing like Glimmerputz, Marmorino Matt Mother-of-Pearl and Murano Silver-Gold and Bronz are defined with mother-of-pearl or metallic elements. The collection of Luxury & Lime Essence, Classic, High Tech and Fashion offers a vast range of colours, from light shades to traditional colours, up to strong and fashionable shades.
Bericalce puts at disposal a tincture system to create the complete range of colours of our catalogue Luxury & Lime;  theoretical and practical lessons to apply decorative, commercial support and marketing, sample charts of the various materials and the supply of products for Private labels.
The lime-based products of Bericalce have a superior quality of salubrity and ecologic value which projects our Company to the Green Division.

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