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Luxury & Lime

BeriCalce carries on the antique tradition of lime with a modern spirit.
The collection Luxury & Lime represent an important target of our company.
Our products with spatolato or neutral effect are available in a vast range of colours. Luxury & Lime is a complete and efficient working program: from the software for the creation of shades to base colourings, from the working tools to commercial and marketing support.

The tradition of future

The absolute quality of the raw materials and the excellent characteristics of the products make BeriCalce a reference point in a particularly demanding and selecting field as architectural restorations.

Architectural restoration plasters 1

Architectural restoration plasters 2 - Picture gallery

The more specific and sophisticate market’s demand brought the company to increase the range of decorative products, enriching it with new aesthetic and performance quality: from the Classic finishing with granulometric mixtures, different geophysical quality and application methods suitable for all habitats and styles.
With the project Luxury & Lime we introduced a way of being and seeing the world that surrounds us. We imagine Lime, one of the products mostly used in the classic decoration, aimed towards the future and applied in technological homes of today and tomorrow.

Facades with lime plaster 1

Facades with lime plaster 2

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The quality of Lime is intimately linked to the rhythms of nature and therefore does not know shortcuts.

The pebbles of Brenta river, wisely selected, are slaked in a shaft kiln and afterwards hydrated to obtain a dense paste. This product needs a long period of aging to become the prestigious Grassello, base of all our products.
The complete naturalness of lime, the healthiness, high transpiration even in the shiny finishing, gives our products a very high ecological value.

Natural color based on lime


BeriCalce is a manufacturing company with a consolidated experience in the field of lime-based decorative products.
A tradition that goes back to 1924, when the De Toni family starts the production of this superb product.
The selection of raw materials, long time of maturation, continuous production control and prestige finishing, are since ever the essential elements to obtain an excellent product.

Bericalce has two branches:

Production in Via Brenta, 60 - Vicenza 

Legal and Administration office, Distribution and store: Via Odorico da Pordenone, 18 - 36100 Vicenza

Slaked Lime Production


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